Thursday, March 29, 2012

IDA Retreat is now a memory

A great time was had at our IDA retreat and already plans are in motion for 2013.
Julia Fish-Thompson was the 2012 Turkey Award or I would rather say "Artist of the Year".  Congratulations Julia!  We also had some heated moments when Susie tried to "accidently" burn her sweatshirt. Debbie A. burnt a hole in a glitter tray too. So what a hot night that was. HaHa. Marie M. and her committee did an excellent job and from my prespective it went smoothly. Below is a couple of photos from the retreat.
As I have been called for federal jury duty on April 9th I will not be teaching the after paint in. Thanks to Cindi E. for stepping up and taking my place. Please plan to stay and see how to make Artist Trading Cards. Plan to make a few to trade too!